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The legend is about to be written...

Crypto Lucha is a collection of 6,969 strong luchadores NFT in Solana with traits inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre’s most powerful and legendary features.

Crypto Lucha will be launching on late Jan 2022 with a mint price of 0.25 SOL. Exclusive discounted pre-sale only for selected discord users.

What's that?

Ay wey, let me explain. Crypto Lucha is NFT pixel art. Each piece feature a completely unique luchador with its own look, attitude, power, and swag.

Compadres (owners) will be treated to rewarding perks (drops, giveaways, more swag) and the ability to use their Crypto Lucha to earn $TACOS and unlock special features and habilites in an upcoming dapp.

A collage of strong luchadores from the crypto lucha league
Set of luchadores of a unique collection of strong NFTs in the blockchain Solana


Inspired by the Mexican Lucha libre culture, '90s video games we grew up with and our love for tequila, we set out to create a collection that we are proud to share with the globe.

Our mission is to create a community around entertainment and content and explore ways crypto can create value, financial freedom and fun in the process. *WAGMI


(Earn for HODL)

A luchador with awesome afro look and massive power

FIGHT the floor & fractionalized NFT

A luchador with awesome afro look and massive power


A luchador with awesome afro look and massive power


A luchador with awesome afro look and massive power

Staking gives you $TACOS

Staking your Lucha will give you $tacos tokens

Evolve your Crypto Lucha

With your $tacos tokens you can send your Lucha to train and gain new traits and powers


Phase 1 - Q4 2021 - Get the Ring ready

Pre-Launch (Mint 1-420 | Jan 30th 2022)

Full Launch (Feb 2022)

*10% mint proceeds to NFT community through giveaways*

Phase 2 - Q1 2022 — Utility Token & NFT Customizer

Phase 3 - Q1 2023 — New Traits CLs & Familia NFTs

Phase 4 - Early 2023 — LuchaDEX

Meet the Team

Lucha Miron


Product & Software Developer

Lucha Chingon


Comunnity & Marketing Leader

Lucha Mamalon

Frida Lover

Creative Director


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